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Category C1+E

Also referred to as 7.5 tonne + trailer.

Examples of C1+E vehicles include roadside recovery vehicles, livestock vehicles.

This category enables licence holders to drive vehicles up to and including 7.5 tonnes with a trailer over 750kg. The category is an upgrade on the C1 licence and can only be taken once the licence holder has passed a C1 test.

Passed prior to 1st January 1997

Drivers who passed their car driving test prior to 1st January 1997 will benefit from ‘acquired rights’ and will have the C1+E entitlement on their licence. However, drivers will have a restriction code 107 attached to their licence, meaning you are restricted to a combined weight no greater than 8250kg. If you wish to drive any combination in excess of this weight you would need to take a C1+E test.

Passed after 1st January 1997

Drivers who passed their car driving test after 1st January 1997 will have to take an additional C1+ E test after acquiring C1 licence.

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