driver cpc chester

Driver CPC Training In Chester

Driver CPC Training The Driver CPC qualification is essential to many roles within the driving industry. Recent changes to EU Law now require drivers to demonstrate their understanding of the demands of driving large vehicles on the roads. Drivers must complete their CPC in order to gain their Driver Qualification Card (DQC). The Driver CPC…

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first aid north wales

First Aid In North Wales

First Aid Training Courses In North Wales If you witnessed somebody who was involved in an accident, fallen ill or may even be experiencing something life threatening, would you want to stand and watch, or know that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to help them? At TL Training we have a team of…

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mental health first aid north wales

Mental Health First Aid In North Wales

At TL Training, we recognise the importance of having an appointed person or persons within the workplace who are responsible for giving mental health first aid. Mental health is equally as important as physical health, therefore attending a mental health first aid course is just as valuable as attending a general first aid course. Our…

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Paediatric First Aid Training In North Wales

Paediatric First Aid In North Wales You will never wake up one specific morning and know that you are going to need to use first aid that day. However, you can receive the appropriate training in order to ensure that you are fully prepared for when that day does come. First aid training provides you…

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rtitb instructor training north wales

RTITB Instructor Training In North Wales

The Regulatory Body for Workplace Transport Training (RTITB) set industry training standards and provide workplace transport training specifically designed to improve efficiency, reduce risk and improve safety in order to reduce costs and ultimately, save lives. The vision of the RTITB is “to create a global family of committed partners using workplace transport training standards…

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yard shunter training north wales

Yard Shunter Training In North Wales

At TL Training, we aim to provide those attending our courses with the highest level of training. We are passionate about the health and safety of our candidates and want to provide them with the tools and knowledge to work safely, confidently and efficiently. We offer a number of driving training courses in North Wales…

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category c training north wales

Category C Training In North Wales

Category C Training Courses TL Training run regular Category C training courses in North Wales. LGV/HGV drivers are widely sought after throughout many businesses and industries. These roles usually offer a competitive salary and flexible working hours. However, those aiming to work within such roles must first receive the appropriate level of training. The Category…

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lgv training north wales

HGV/LGV Training In North Wales

HGV & LGV Training Courses HGV/LGV drivers are widely used throughout many industries. It is a very sought after career which pays well and has excellent employment benefits. However, anyone aiming to work within this role must first receive the appropriate level of training. At TL Training we offer a number of HGV/LGV training courses…

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driver cpc training north wales

Driver CPC Training In North Wales

Driver CPC Training Course The Driver CPC certification is now a standard part of professional driving when that driving involves operating large vehicles such as lorries, buses or coaches for reward. Due to recent changes in EU Law, drivers now must demonstrate that they understand the demands of driving such vehicles on the roads. In…

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banksman training north wales

Banksman Training In North Wales

Banksman For The Reversing Of Vehicles Manoeuvring and reversing vehicles on site is a major cause of workplace accidents and can lead to serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Ensuring site/yard staff are properly trained reduces the risk of potentially costly accidents and damage to property. The Banksman course assists the employer to comply with health…

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