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Driver CPC Training

For professional drivers operating vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and minibuses with nine seats or more, driver CPC training is an essential aspect to their job role. Choosing the ideal training company to carry out your training is vital, below we have compiled our guide to effective CPC training.

What is Driver CPC Training?

Driver CPC Training Approved Consortium Member

Since 2008 for bus and coach drivers and 2009 for lorry drivers, it has been a legal requirement for professional drivers to gain a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC), which provides said drivers with improved knowledge and skills, to ensure their work is carried out safely and efficiently at all times.

Not only must drivers gain their initial CPC qualification, but they must subsequently carry out periodic training every five years, consisting of 35 hours training time.

Driver CPC courses should allow you to gain and improve upon your current skills in the most effective way, covering a number of areas including emergency actions, vehicle systems, driver hours regulations, load safety and much more.

Getting the most out of your training

The right trainer

There are countless training companies out there that offer driver CPC training, however it is vital that you choose a company that offers the most relevant training to the type of driving that you carry out. Importantly, look for those invaluable customer reviews to evidence a business’ expertise in this training area.

Spread your learning

With five years to complete your 35 hours training, it is highly recommended that your training time is carried out at yearly intervals throughout the five years. This will ensure that your professional development is continually improving at a steady rate and the cost of training is spread across the five years.

Here at TL Training, our Driver CPC Training course is tailored for each of our clients to ensure that it suits their individual or business requirements. To make it even easier for drivers to gain their CPC qualification, we offer individual 7 hour modules or the whole 35 hour course.

If you would like to book onto our next Driver CPC Training date please contact our team today.

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